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    The online backup landscape has grown very crowded in recent years. New names enter the ring almost daily, each one jockeying to step on the heads of the others. The proliferation of remote backup providers can present a challenge to the business customer seeking best-in-class products to secure mission-critical data. It can be difficult to discern the flagship provider from the dingy when so much sounds alike.

    Texas DataVault is built on the premise of providing business-class solutions to our customers. Our products are unique in that they are laser-focused on regulatory compliance. Commodity consumer-based products are simply too shallow to address the many intricate facets present in today’s ever-expanding regulatory environments. Consumer products run with blinders, focused on a very narrow task in a very limited context. We have scrutinized the full range of challenges presented by regulatory demands and created a compliance-driven solution aimed specifically at those concerns.

    Texas DataVault is a true enterprise-class business solution for your online backup needs. We do not play in the consumer space. By focusing squarely on business customers, we can direct our resources towards growing the most technically competent support organization in the industry. Our push for technical excellence gives us unparalleled expertise among the full array of business computing environments. Whether your firm relies on legacy AS/400 machines or pushes the envelope with bleeding-edge virtualization solutions, our engineers have the depth and breadth of skills to implement the right solutions based on your unique needs.

    Most importantly, we understand that your data is the cornerstone for future successes. When you backup remotely with Texas DataVault, your data is not simply preserved-it’s preserved in a usable, meaningful state. Forget the time-consuming hassles of complex tape rotations, testing, and undue handwringing that takes place during a typical tape restore situation. Move forward with the peace of mind that comes with a true business-class online backup solution only Texas DataVault can provide.

    If you’re ready to simplify your backups, call Texas DataVault today.

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    "Texas DataVault has done a great job backing up our electronic medical records while meeting all of the HIPAA regulations. We like the peace of mind knowing that our data is off-site and encrypted.

    Texas Medical Facility