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    Texas DataVault’s Underlying Value: Efficiency
    Remote backup is about efficiency, and Texas DataVault’s compliance-driven products help your organization protect data while eliminating outdated and, frankly, outpaced technologies. Management and automation combined with numerous electronic and physical safeguards allow firms to leverage the Internet for data backups in a fully non-disruptive fashion.

    Efficiency is achieved through a process known as de-duplication. In traditional backup environments, when an employee edits a spreadsheet or document, the backup server sees that a file has been changed and then captures the entire file and writes the data to tape-a process that eats up time, tape, and money. With Texas DataVault’s de-duplication remote backup solutions, the changes are monitored at the block level. If the same employee edits a spreadsheet or document, only those bit-level changes are captured and written to disk, not tape, a much faster process that frees up internal bandwidth for remote users and internal employees.

    Think of it in terms of creating a journal. In a traditional backup environment, including most tape-based systems as well the broad landscape of online competitors, with every new journal entry, the software is going to save the whole file reflecting the new entries day after day. The original file is often overwritten to save time and space, breaking the paper trail. The resulting backups can grow logarithmically, invariably filling up tape after tape and bogging down your network.

    With de-duplication-based remote backup, only the changes are captured, but you retain the ability to view each day’s entry as if it was an entire file. Even if a page of the journal of is accidentally deleted, the original in-tact version can be immediately viewed. The ability to retain original documents throughout various iterations is a key benefit of Texas DataVault. De-duplication is a necessity for organizations whose regulatory compliance depends on airtight audit trails.

    Further efficiencies are yielded through data compression. One of the most frustrating aspects of traditional backup programs is the amount of bandwidth consumed by the process, especially if your business is a 24×7 operation. Network traffic can slow to a crawl as the day’s data bottlenecks behind clumsy tape drives. Slow networks cause angry customers, frustrated employees, and can harm an otherwise solid reputation.

    Texas DataVault’s compression technology works together with de-duplication. De-duplication manages what data gets backed up and compression technology shrinks the size of the data to be backed up.

    Anybody involved in K-12 information technology understands all too well the challenges before them. It’s a constant tug-of-war between needs and resources. New administrative initiatives leapfrog genuine technology gaps all the time. The issue of backup for many districts has grown from a nagging, little voice to a deafening yell, but state budget deficits have made responding to the calls more challenging than ever.

    Texas DataVault offers a wide array of remote backup solutions for school districts, covering all budgetary realities. All solutions leverage data de-duplication and various levels of offsite redundancy.

    The trend towards protecting electronic health records records is nothing new in healthcare. Digital imaging, for example, has been the standard for many fields, including ophthalmology, radiology, and neurology just to name a few. Although the changeover from print photography has saved countless hours in diagnosing illnesses, it has produced an avalanche of data files which must be maintained for years.

    The current emphasis on electronic medical records means that old image files cannot be archived onto tape and shipped off to climate-controlled bomb shelters-they must be maintained in a quickly retrievable fashion in order to facilitate patient healthcare. The dilemma of preserving data in a cost-effective, easily-retrievable format is a growing concern for many healthcare providers.

    Texas DataVault enables healthcare providers to minimize the burden on their production servers while capturing, in real time, all information as mandated by HIPAA regulations. Policy-based remote backups are managed around the clock. Clearly delineated audit trails further ensure compliance.

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