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    Texas DataVault is an online backup company focused on providing industry-leading solutions to businesses of all sizes across all industries. Our products are built around the idea that an online backup company should help its customers not only protect their vital data, but do so in a way that keeps regulatory compliance at the forefront of every implementation.

    Second only to personnel, an organization’s data is an irreplaceable cornerstone on which past, present, and future successes are based. If data is lost, the impact on a business can be disastrous. Migrating from inefficient tape-based to online backup methods help insulate an organization from an ever-growing environment of data threats.

    By remotely backing up critical information to Texas DataVault, four key protections are accomplished:

    One: Consistency through Automation

    Tape backup is dependent upon human beings. Texas DataVault’s online backup solutions eliminate the potential for human error.

    • No tape rotations to manage
    • No need to test restores
    • No worry of worn or malfunctioning media

    Two: Audit Trails

    With Texas DataVault’s managed online backup tools, you can easily track changes to sensitive data - a must for any organization subject to SOX, SEC, or GLB Regulations

    • Confidently address regulatory demands
    • Minimize burden on production servers
    • Notifications of all changes

    Three: Availability

    Ensuring data is available 24×7×365 is a must for organizations of all sizes, regardless of industry. Texas DataVault online backup leverages multiple redundancies to keep you going, day or night.

    • Multiple, geographically-isolated data centers
    • 24×7 network management
    • Immediate access to useable information

    Four: Security

    Stored information kept onsite is subject to a myriad of threats-some physical, some virtual, but all real. Online backup safeguards against threats of all levels:

    • Online backup eliminates potential for theft, loss, or damage
    • Archived data is not subject to malicious software (viruses, malware)
    • Access is tightly controlled and monitored

    Key Takeaway:
    Texas DataVault’s remote backup products are built on the idea that data should be available when you need it, in a useable format, without having to muddle through unnecessarily complex interfaces. Our products are compliance-driven, easily customized to your organization’s unique needs, and are designed to scale seamlessly with your data.

    In our eyes, tape-based backups simply cannot offer the degree of availability inherent with our online backup tools. Any time you eliminate the potential for human error, the odds of completing meaningful, useable backups increase dramatically. The same can be said about geographic separation-the further away your data resides from your location, the safer your data becomes. The time has come to walk away from tape hassles. Call us today to learn how we can protect your mission-critical data.

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