• Offsite Backup

    The Underlying Importance of Audit Trails:

    In today’s evolving regulatory environment, an offsite backup solution provides no value to your organization if it cannot provide the necessary audit trail required of your specific industry. The ability to archive information to redundant data centers may sound good, but if the underlying product lacks in-depth reporting capabilities or customizable retention policies, the reality is no efficiencies are gained. An offsite backup solution must satisfy the compliance challenges your industry faces in order to be a genuinely viable prospect.

    Enter Texas DataVault:

    Customizable retention policies comprise one of Texas DataVault’s unique benefits. Rather than forcing customers to bend their data to a rigid set of unyielding retention methods, we work with you to formulate policy-based strategies—strategies that allow your organization to retain the data it needs with the audit trails necessary to satisfy regulatory demands.

    Retention policies also benefit the in-house enterprise by lowering overhead on your production servers. Offsite backup provides an excellent repository for archival records that may be cluttering

    Reporting capabilities help focus the value of Texas DataVault. In-depth reporting serves two purposes: one, they’re often a requirement of regulatory bodies like the IRS, SEC, NASD, et al., and two, reports help create peace of mind by delivering daily confirmations that mission critical data has been safely backed up remotely to redundant data centers. Not only can you view what information has been backed up, but you can track who accessed the remote backup and what was viewed.

    Compliance Demands Security:

    Texas DataVault’s online backup solutions are built on industry-leading security platforms.

    All data is fully encrypted throughout the entire process. Our AES encryption technology is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and meets or exceeds all compliance requirements of the major regulatory bodies. The only individuals capable of accessing your encrypted data are those employees who have been entrusted with your unique encryption keys. Not even Texas DataVault engineers can access your data.

    Business Data Grows Logarithmically:

    New products, new initiatives, and constantly evolving information retention regulations are producing mounds of data for IT principals and business owners to manage. Some days it seems impossible to see the top of the mountain. As a result of the ever-growing quantities of business data produced day after day, backup windows are longer and longer, sometimes cutting in to business hours.

    Texas DataVault’s offsite backup solutions leverage two measures to minimize the daily backup window. The first is data de-duplication, which looks for redundant or similar files then explodes daily backups to block-level changes. De-duplication minimizes the impact to the network, leaving critical bandwidth open for operating system updates, patches, and other key software maintenance typically performed afterhours.

    Second, Texas DataVault relies on compression technology to shrink the size of the information traveling across the network. Just as in the encryption process, data remains compressed from start to finish. Compression benefits an organization in two ways. One, smaller quantities of data take less time to backup, leaving costly bandwidth open for business processes and two, compression yields a smaller footprint on the remote server, which yields lower costs to the organization.

    Key Takeaway:
    Texas DataVault’s remote backup products are built on the idea that data should be available when you need it, in a useable format, without having to muddle through unnecessarily complex interfaces. Our products are compliance-driven, easily customized to your organization’s unique needs, and are designed to scale seamlessly with your data.

    In our eyes, tape-based backups simply cannot offer the degree of availability inherent with our online backup tools. Any time you eliminate the potential for human error, the odds of completing meaningful, useable backups increase dramatically. The same can be said about geographic separation-the further away your data resides from your location, the safer your data becomes. The time has come to walk away from tape hassles. Call us today to learn how we can protect your mission-critical data.

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    "It is a huge hassle for a school to comply with all of the federal rules and regulations dealing with data retention. Texas DataVault makes it easy for us to store and retrieve any and everything we need. It’s been a wonderful addition to our bag of tools to make a technologist’s job easy.

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