• Internet Backup

    The Internet provides an excellent channel for organizations to offload archival data from production servers. Internet backup not only minimizes the amount of data housed on-site, but it also affords organizations the ability to increase data storage capabilities without having to incur additional capital expenditures on new hardware, media, and logistics contracts.

    Texas DataVault’s Internet backup solutions help free organizations from the unnecessary complexity of tape-based backups.

    • No tape libraries to manage
    • No costly media to purchase
    • Freedom to restore a single file or an entire directory in seconds
    • Eliminate uncertainty of tape restores—-data is always usable
    • No time-consuming tape tests

    Our highly-customizable online backup products offer yet another key benefit to our customers: We do more than facilitate rock-solid data backup—we do so in a manner that builds in peace of mind by carefully shaping retention policies and audit trails so every Texas DataVault customer meets or exceeds the regulatory compliance requirements for their industry.

    Texas DataVault’s Internet backup solutions address key compliance concerns of:

    In addition to being able to respond to regulatory guidance, Texas DataVault works with the full spectrum of business operation systems. From AS/400 to virtualized environments running VMware, our flexible products are designed to be a single solution for the entire enterprise, regardless of legacy hardware or software.

    Industry-leading solutions mean nothing if the support behind the products is lacking. Texas DataVault has dedicated account engineers who work with you throughout the policies-development process and continue to monitor your organization’s daily backups. We provide a second set of eyes to monitor the daily notifications. If an exception arises, we immediately notify you and continue to work with your staff until the situation is fully resolved. At Texas DataVault, we take a serious commitment to keeping our customers satisfied.

    Take advantage of our free 30-day trial. We want you to put our solutions to the test. We believe you’ll see immediate advantages over traditional tape-based backup methods. Texas DataVault’s Internet backup tools are robust enough to assist organizations of all sizes—from a single-office small business to large enterprises with dozens of locations distributed around the country or around the world.

    Download the software today. Texas DataVault can help take your enterprise to the next level.

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    "Texas DataVault has done a great job backing up our electronic medical records while meeting all of the HIPAA regulations. We like the peace of mind knowing that our data is off-site and encrypted.

    Texas Medical Facility