• Disaster Recovery

    Disaster recovery planning is not easy. A successful continuity plan requires an organization to look inward at its operations, its people, processes, technology and logistics.

    The discovery phase often reveals many more unknowns than anticipated. Undocumented processes, long outdated org charts, and technological gaps are just a few of the potential hazards revealed in the creation of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

    Texas DataVault’s professional services team can help organizations of all sizes from any industry formulate the disaster recovery plan necessary to navigate chaos.

    The process is based on a careful examination of critical operations. By breaking down operations, a much more meaningful plan develops. Our methodology is the key differentiator among the ranks of DR companies:

    Your business is much more than a laundry list of computers and routers. Your people and your processes are what make you successful. Your business continuity plan MUST reflect that.

    Texas DataVault can assist your organization in tackling key challenges presented by a disaster recovery plan. Specifically, our online backup products are designed to address business continuity directly. Data is one of the most important assets a business must protect. Not only is it critical to future successes, but well-managed data is imperative for many firms to maintain regulatory compliance.

    Texas DataVault’s online backup products meet very specific requirements of all major regulatory bodies, including:

    Tape-based backup has been the traditional method of archiving data for compliance-mandated audit trails, but tape’s shortcomings become very apparent when called upon for a meaningful restore. Industry statistics reinforce what many IT managers have known for years—tape’s reliability in a restore situation is dubious at best:

    • “Restoring from tape fails 50% of the time in distributed organizations and mid-sized companies.” – Baroudi Bloor (www.hurwitz.com) (now Hurwitz and Associates)
    • “Over 34% of companies do not test their backups and of those that tested, 77% found their tape backups failed to restore.” – Storage Magazine
    • A survey by the Yankee Group and Sunbelt Software found that 40% of IT managers had been unable to recover data from a tape when they needed it.

    Our disk-based online backup products allow for immediate restoration of your data when you need it. You no longer need complicated tape rotations, new media, or expensive offsite media vaulting. Plus, the process is fully automated. You eliminate any potential for human error.

    If your disaster recovery plan has been buried at the bottom of the “to-do” pile, it’s time to give Texas DataVault a call. We’ll work with your organization to develop the plan you’ve always wanted to present to the board but never had the time to accomplish.

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    "Texas DataVault has done a great job backing up our electronic medical records while meeting all of the HIPAA regulations. We like the peace of mind knowing that our data is off-site and encrypted.

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