• Data Storage

    Business data is dynamic. Not only is it ever expanding, but it continues to change shape and direction at every stage of its evolution. Complicating matters further is the growing importance of historical data - not only as a means of maintaining regulatory compliance, but as a critical asset in predicting future sales, financial patterns, and industry trends.

    Data is not monolithic.

    Your data storage partner must be able to respond to your organization’s unique data needs. Texas DataVault is an industry leader in shaping flexible, compliance-driven data storage solutions designed to grow with your business.

    Texas DataVault offers four key benefits to our data storage customers:

    One: Consistency through Automation
    Tape backup is highly dependent upon IT personnel. Texas DataVault’s data storage solutions eliminate the potential for human error.

    • No tape rotations to manage
    • No need to test restores
    • No worry of worn or malfunctioning media

    Two: Audit Trails
    With Texas DataVault’s managed data storage tools, you can easily track changes to sensitive data-a must for any organization subject to SOX (internal link), SEC (internal link), or GLB (internal link) regulations

    • Confidently address regulatory demands
    • Minimize burden on production servers
    • Notifications of all changes

    Three: Availability
    Ensuring data is available 24×7×365 is a critical need for organizations of all sizes, regardless of industry. Texas DataVault online backup leverages multiple redundancies to keep you going, day or night.

    • Multiple, geographically-isolated data centers
    • 24×7 network management
    • Immediate access to useable information

    Four: Security
    Stored information kept onsite is subject to a myriad of threats-some physical, some virtual, but all real. Online data storage safeguards against threats of all levels:

    • Online backup eliminates potential for theft, loss, or damage
    • Archived data is not subject to malicious software (viruses, malware)
    • Access is tightly controlled and monitored

    When combined, Texas DataVault’s four underlying benefits yield a data storage solution capable of delivering usable information when you need it. We build solutions for the long-haul that are made to grow with your business, with the flexibility to change as business objectives evolve, regulatory compliance standards expand, or to accommodate explosive data growth. We have the technology to keep pace with the needs of any organization from any industry, regardless of size.

    Is Texas DataVault a fit for your organization? Our risk-free 30-day trial provides the opportunity to put our solutions to the test. See for yourself how Texas DataVault delivers on our promise of uncompromised data storage built around your specific needs. Call us today to speak with a product expert.

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    "It is a huge hassle for a school to comply with all of the federal rules and regulations dealing with data retention. Texas DataVault makes it easy for us to store and retrieve any and everything we need. It’s been a wonderful addition to our bag of tools to make a technologist’s job easy.

    K-12 Texas Public School