• Data Recovery

    Few feelings compare to the sinking stomach angst that occurs when a critical file goes MIA. And if your organization is like most, that critical file will invariably disappear at the worst possible time. When you receive the end-user’s panic-driven call to the help desk, the burden falls on you to find the file as quickly as possible. If the file has been backed up to tape, the time-robbing process of sorting through the rotation begins, predicated on the hope the tape resides on-site and hasn’t been sent to the offsite tape vault.

    Texas DataVault provides an easier way. For you. For users. For everyone.

    Organizations that rely on Texas DataVault for their backups and data recovery know how easy it is to retrieve an accidentally deleted email or restore a corrupted file. There are no tapes to rifle through. You don’t have to cue up a single file on a 300GB tape. The process of restoring the file is as simple as logging into the Texas DataVault control panel, selecting the file from the Windows-styled control panel, and downloading it-just as you would from the local network.

    Texas DataVault’s ease of use should not be mistaken for lack of security. The methods used to safeguard our customers’ data are second to none. We use standards-based methodologies combined with leading edge technology to isolate your mission-critical data from the full spectrum of possible threats-even those internal to an organization.

    • All data is fully encrypted throughout the entire process-from start to finish.
    • Our AES encryption technology is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology Security measures meet or exceed all compliance requirements of the major regulatory bodies.
    • Only those employees who have been entrusted with your unique encryption key can access data.
    • Not even Texas DataVault engineers can access your data.

    Ease of use and rock-solid security mean nothing if your data isn’t usable, which underscores the most common frustration of backup solutions. On the surface, it appears vital backups are running smoothly, then, when disaster strikes, restore attempts produce mounds of gibberish-unusable, unrecognizable, unreliable mounds of meaningless data.

    If you’re backing up without absolute certainty that your data will be usable when you need it, stop now. Let Texas DataVault work with your organization to deliver the backup solution that’s been missing for too long. We’ll work with your IT professionals to ensure the correct customized retention policies are in place, and that all necessary compliance components are captured.

    Break away from the uncertainty of tape. Try Texas DataVault risk-free for 30 days. See for yourself how Texas DataVault can assist your organization’s backup needs. Our compliance-driven solutions work in organizations of all sizes and across any industry. Call us immediately for your free trial.

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    "Texas DataVault has done a great job backing up our electronic medical records while meeting all of the HIPAA regulations. We like the peace of mind knowing that our data is off-site and encrypted.

    Texas Medical Facility