• Data Protection

    Organizations rely on numerous measures to protect themselves from threats. Most perceived challenges are physical, which is why there are alarms, RFID cards to restrict access to critical systems, and photo badges to limit social engineering scams. Data protection presents an altogether different set of challenges for IT managers and principals to overcome.

    In addition to protecting data from physical threats like weather and fire-related events, organizations must guard data from countless invisible threats. Doing so can be very difficult, especially as daily operations become increasingly dependent on access to Web-based tools. The constantly growing number of remote users further complicates the picture.

    Texas DataVault can help address the full array of data protection concerns-from the physical to the virtual. Online backup is a key step in guarding mission critical data from the full array of threats.

    Our data protection solutions leverage hardened physical measures in parallel with industry-leading technologies designed with one goal in mind-safeguarding against those elements that seek to undermine, corrupt, or destroy your business data.

    Remote backup is policy-based, which means your data is stored in accordance with the demands of your specific industry. Regulatory compliance is a key factor in the retention policies used to protect your data. Texas DataVault’s online backup tools address very specific elements of all major regulatory bodies, including the SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, IRS and FERPA.

    Data encryption is a key element of all compliance guidance. All data is fully encrypted when backing up online to Texas DataVault. Our AES encryption technology is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and meets or exceeds all compliance requirements. 256-bit encryption ensures your data remains airtight throughout the entire process, and remains fully encrypted once written to the remote backup location.

    Just as your individual servers leverage redundant components to insulate against downtime, Texas DataVault has redundant data centers, all of which are designed for survivability even in the event of regional of disasters.

    Even with all the steps Texas DataVault takes to ensure your data remains protected and available, the single greatest value we offer is usable data. Any situation placing an organization at the mercy of a full data restore is not one where time will be on your side. You need a DataVaulting partner that can respond to an enterprise emergency. Texas DataVault delivers in the following ways:

    • Restores do NOT require like hardwear
    • Data is immediately available 24×7×365
    • Data can be restored down to a single file to an entire directory or even the entire enterprise
    • 24×7×365 support-because trouble doesn’t take a vacation

    Learn more how Texas DataVault can address your organization’s core data protection needs. Our 30-day trial give you the opportunity to test our products for yourself. Call us today.

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