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    Lubbock online backup provider Texas DataVault was formed in 2002 with the goal of emerging as the premier online backup provider for organizations seeking a solution capable of addressing regulatory compliance demands.

    We recognized the logarithmic growth of business data and the challenges it posed to organizations of all sizes, so we began building scalable, secure data protection solutions that were laser-focused on key compliance issues.

    We also heard the growing frustration with tape backup products. Our engineers were very familiar with the unnecessary complexity of enterprise-level tape libraries. Our collocation customers expressed a clear desire for remote backup solutions that could deliver usable data with certainty-something almost impossible to achieve with tape-based backup. We listened.

    Texas DataVault delivers a robust, enterprise-level online backup solution. Whether your organization is a one-man shop or has a distributed global presence, Texas DataVault has the unique advantage of flexibility which allows us to build a policy-based retention program for firms of any size regardless of industry.

    Texas DataVault’s remote backup solutions address key compliance demands of the following regulatory bodies:

    By leveraging the Internet for remote backups, organizations can simplify the in-house enterprise. Archival data can be moved off production servers. IT staff can focus on executing day-to-day operations rather than babysitting expensive tape libraries or muddling through complex tape rotation procedures. Most importantly, in the event offsite data is required, information is available 24×7×365 for immediate recovery without the hassle of sorting through tape archives. Whether it’s an entire directory or a single file, your data is available when you need it in a usable, meaningful format.

    You don’t have to cross your fingers when you perform restores from Texas DataVault. We eliminate tape’s dubious uncertainty of usable information that has burned so many IT professionals.

    The process is fully automated, which further insulates backups from errors. Our engineers are available for your support needs around the clock.

    Texas DataVault can help address the full array of data protection concerns-from the physical to the virtual. Online backup is a key step in guarding mission critical data from the full array of threats. Our data protection solutions leverage hardened physical measures in parallel with industry-leading technologies designed with one goal in mind-safeguarding against those elements that seek to undermine, corrupt, or destroy your business data.

    Download our risk-free 30-day trial today. We want your organization to see firsthand how effective our online backup tools are. Texas DataVault engineers are ready to help you build a compliance-driven remote backup solution custom-tailored to your specific needs.

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    "Compliance and security were the reasons we chose Texas DataVault. They do a fabulous job!

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