• Texas DataVault Features

    Texas DataVault’s secure online backup solutions provide peace of mind that the data that drives your business is safe—no matter what. Our flexible data retention policies allow you to archive data in a manner that often exceeds the demands of regulatory compliance. Our security measures mitigate the looming threats of loss or exploitation. And our unique ability to address a wide array of platforms allows Texas DataVault to be a single solution for your entire enterprise.

    Retention Policies shape what is backed up, how often data is backed up, and the duration each unique backup remains stored. In some industries, maintaining several weeks of daily backups in conjunction with explicit points in time over weekly, monthly and yearly intervals not only allow IT managers to sleep better at night, but are also a major requirement of regulatory guidance. For organizations that fall outside regulatory challenges, we can create custom policies that continue to provide a fail-safe data net, but minimize the number and duration of retentions—reducing the cost and overhead simultaneously.

    Benefits of Flexible Retention Policies:
    • Peace of mind knowing you've exceeded regulatory compliance demands
    • Needs-based policies help you maximize your IT dollars
    • Ability to scale with your organization

    Texas DataVault leverages multiple layers of security—from hardened physical measures to advanced encryption techniques.

    We understand the importance of preserving the integrity of your data, which is why we continually re-invest in new security technologies. By employing the latest encryption measures, Texas DataVault joins Web-based efficiencies with geographically distributed datacenters in a safe, reliable, and secure fashion.

    Benefits of Texas DataVault’s Security Measures:
    • Start-to-finish encryption ensures data integrity during the entire backup process
    • Multi-level authentication means only individuals you authorize can access your data
      • Ownership
      • Knowledge
      • Inherence
    • Leveraging the Web safely allows you to realize a true-enterprise class backup solution without making massive network upgrades

    Platform Support

    Suppose you run Oracle ERP to manage payroll, Exchange is responsible for email, and your Web presence is all built on Red Hat Linux—just to name a few areas of operations. Think the only way to back everything up is by throwing tape at each platform? Think again. With Texas DataVault, you can safely backup the entire enterprise with one solution. That means one console, one phone number, and far less to manage.

    We support:

    • Microsoft Windows Server & Desktop Platforms
    • IBM AIX
    • Novell Netware
    • VMWare
    • Oracle
    • Sun Solaris
    • Linux
    • HP UX

    Texas DataVault’s unique features come together to form a high-value backup strategy for organizations of all sizes across any industry. The three tiers of customizable retentions, rock-ribbed security, and multi-platform support form the foundation of a genuinely robust backup solution. If you’re done with tape but aren’t sure how online backup can fill the gap, call Texas DataVault today. We can help you formulate a smart backup strategy without breaking the budget.

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    "It is a huge hassle for a school to comply with all of the federal rules and regulations dealing with data retention. Texas DataVault makes it easy for us to store and retrieve any and everything we need. It’s been a wonderful addition to our bag of tools to make a technologist’s job easy.

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