Passed in 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) addresses a broad set of initiatives. The two areas specific to online backup are the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule which seek to protect confidential patient information. Texas DataVault’s remote backup solutions work in conjunction with healthcare providers’ existing protocols to help preserve and protect sensitive patient data - a critical requirement of HIPAA compliance.

    As calls for a national electronic medical records system gain momentum, the need for a secure offsite electronic data vaulting grows even stronger.

    "From an overarching data backup strategy to archiving individual files, Texas DataVault helps satisfy key HIPAA information requirements"

    Rules on Security Standards: Administrative Safeguards

    • The Challenge: Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

      As part of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, organizations must back up their data and put into place a contingency for responding to emergencies.

    • The Solution: Texas DataVault provides redundant, geographically separated data centers for offsite backup. The data, once backed up online, is available 24×7×365 and is monitored 24 hours per day. We can also assist in shaping disaster recovery programs unique to your organization.
    • The Challenge: Access to Records

      Protected Health Information (PHI) should only be accessed by authorized parties.

    • The Solution:With Texas DataVault’s secure remote backup solutions, your data can only be accessed by authorized personnel within your organization-Texas DataVault cannot see your information.

      All data is fully encrypted from the time it leaves your organization, through transmission, and into the offsite vaults.

      We can assist with the correct retention policies to protect your critical original documents.

    • The Challenge: Outsourcing

      Affected healthcare organizations that outsource to third-party organizations must ensure its vendors are HIPAA compliant.

    • The Solution: A SAS 70 Type II certified DataVaulting partner ensures adherence to industry standards for physical security and operating protocols. Texas DataVault can provide auditors with the necessary documentation.

      Rules on Security Standards: Physical Safeguards.

    • The Challenge: Data Security

      Access to equipment containing health information must be carefully controlled and monitored, and should be based on facility security plans, maintenance records, visitor sign-in, and escorts.

    • The Solution: Texas DataVault’s facilities leverage multiple layers of physical and electronic security, all of which are rigorously tested to ensure the integrity of your data.

      Rules on Security Standards: Technical Safeguards.

    • The Challenge: Protecting Data over Open Networks

      Sensitive information must be encrypted when traveling over open networks (the Internet).

    • The Solution: All data is fully encrypted when backing up online to Texas DataVault. Our AES encryption technology is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and meets or exceeds all HIPAA compliance requirements.

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    "Texas DataVault has done a great job backing up our electronic medical records while meeting all of the HIPAA regulations. We like the peace of mind knowing that our data is off-site and encrypted.

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