• Security

    Safeguard Your Computer System & Data Against Online Dangers

    Every computer that's attached to the Internet is vulnerable to attacks by viruses and other threats. From worms that cause something as benign as a change of your browser’s homepage to Trojan horses that cost companies millions of dollars in lost time and data, computer viruses are a serious problem.

    Make Your Computer Network Hacker-Proof

    You might think your network is already hacker-proof because you've got a great anti-virus program and a firewall in place. You have an eye toward security and you make sure everything is updated, upgraded and top-notch.

    Theft-Proof Your Laptop Computer

    Losing a laptop is devastating. All that personal information, business data, password information and more is suddenly gone. Sometimes a person is targeted, and sometimes a person leaves a laptop behind for a moment and it's gone by the time the mistake is realized.

    Data Security: All About Computer Hackers

    When most computer users think of hackers, they think of people determined to break into their system and steal passwords, vital information and even credit card numbers. They also may think of people who write and distribute viruses. But like with most things, there is no concrete, one-size-fits-all answer.

    Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

    Phishers are criminals who are out to steal your identity for fun and profit. And if you go online at all, you've probably received phishing emails designed to get you to give up some vital information that could compromise your security. This is called phishing and spoofing and it's all over the Internet. But if you know what to watch out for, you can protect yourself.

    Data Security: Beware Cell Phone Viruses

    When you think of data security and viruses, you probably think of your computer. But viruses exist that attack a variety of mobile devices, including cell phones.

    Survive Without Your Office IT Tech

    If everyone in your office isn't up to speed on how to handle your computer network, what do you do if you're forced to operate without your IT go-to person? Prevention is truly golden in the situation, so make sure your IT person isn’t the only one in the office capable of handing basic tasks. Then you can limp by until you find a replacement. Before you have to face that kind of situation, take preventative measures to protect your office now.

    6 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Computer Virus Creators

    Computer viruses are a pain, and cause most of us to avoid opening attachments and downloading potentially useful programs. They make us almost afraid to use our computers the way they were intended. This begs the question, why? What do virus creators get out of writing that malicious code?

    5 Great Tips For Protect Your New Computer

    A new computer means more speed, more storage space and a clean slate. But before you hook it up to the Internet and start cranking away, you should make sure everything's secure.

    4 Tips for More Secure Passwords

    One of the most overlooked security measures a computer user has is the simple password. The way you choose a password, and how well you choose, can mean the difference between a system that's at risk and one that's very well protected.

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