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    The Best Way to Do Data Backups

    If you're not backing up your important data, you're gambling with your information. Computers crash every day, often when it's least expected. Don't take a chance on losing crucial things like customer databases and financial information. In a worst-case scenario, a company can even be forced out of business by a serious data loss. Backup your data regularly and you'll be glad that you took the time if your system ever goes down.

    Data Protection Tips for Your Small Business Network

    Data loss is something no one wants to think about. For some businesses, loss of data could means days of playing catch-up and trying to piece together customer account information and other important data from various sources. Avoid this kind of confusion or the total loss of data by following these important tips.

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    What are the operating system(s) of the machines you will be backing up? (Check all that apply)
    • Windows
    • Exchange
    • SQL
    • Sharepoint
    • ESX Server
    • HPUX
    • Linux
    • Novell
    • AIX
    • Oracle
    • Other
    • AS400/ iSeries

    "It is a huge hassle for a school to comply with all of the federal rules and regulations dealing with data retention. Texas DataVault makes it easy for us to store and retrieve any and everything we need. It’s been a wonderful addition to our bag of tools to make a technologist’s job easy.

    K-12 Texas Public School