What is Roof Restoration?   

Every homeowner must be wondering when it’s time to get their entire roof replaced. If you’re one of them, you may also want to consider other options as a full roof replacement may not be the only option that you have. 


Today’s new technologies allow us to extend the lifespan of roofs through a meticulous restoration process. Compared to roof replacement, a roof restoration is less expensive and less disruptive. Roof replacement should be done only if it is absolutely necessary.   

How is Roof Restoration Done?  

Before you even think about roof restoration, it is important that you regularly perform roof maintenance work. This means that you should adopt proactive maintenance work after hiring a Medford roofing and siding expert to do regular inspections.  

If you want your roof to be restored, the first question you should ask is this: Can you still have it repaired? No matter how good the roof installation is, it will encounter leaks and other issues later on. There are many reasons why leak occurs and you have to be on top of these. Expect to encounter these issues at one point or the other.   

Dealing with Roofing Issues  

All leaks have to be resolved regardless of their size, and they have to be dealt with immediately. If not handled soon, small leaks will turn into big ones, which mean major issues later on. Examples of such issues include slip-and-fall risks, damaged equipment, mold proliferation, insect infestation, and increased utility bills.   

If your roof starts making strange noises, then it is only right to assume that you’re having some problems with it. But that doesn’t mean you have to replace it altogether. What you should do instead is to hire a roofing expert to check it out and see what’s causing the noise. Roof repair is still the most cost-effective solution.   

Handling Roof Leaks  

Once water penetrates the roof, leaking happens. That’s when you know that you have bigger problems at hand. Once water penetrates the roof, its structural integrity is compromised. It is time to have your roof repaired. By hiring the professionals, you’re sure that they’ll check the following points on your roof:   

  1. Penetrations 

Penetrations are the holes that are cut through the roof install certain equipment, like the HVAC components, drains, vent pipes, skylights, antennas, and roof hatches. The areas where there are holes in the roof are its weakest points. Because they’re vulnerable, water seeps through these parts. That’s also why they have to be properly sealed at all times.   

  1. Seams 

The seams in the roof area where the fasteners are attached. These fasteners tend to separate from the metal over time. The harsh weather conditions and normal wear and tear contribute to its demise.   

  1. Ponding water 

When the water stays on the roof, they create a small pond and that’s a major cause of concern.  Water collects on the roof if not drained properly. After two days of having stagnant water on your roof, damage starts to occur. Ponding water should be addressed immediately.